The Digital Digest is maintained by the Association of University Presses’  Central Office and digital publishing committee. It serves as a gathering place for electronic and other publishing news and information. We will periodically round up interesting posts and news items from around the web and around the community, along with occasional editorials on interesting developments in publishing.

The digital publishing committee is

  • Krista Coulson, University of Chicago Press
  • Susan Albury,  Duke University Press
  • Joy Adreakis, Indiana University Press
  • Toni Gunnison, University of Wisconsin Press
  • Mick Gusinde-Duffy, Temple University Press
  • Bonnie Russell, Wayne State University Press
  • Bryan Shaffer, Purdue University Press
  • Annette Tanner, Michigan State University Press

Special thanks to Mike Sagara (Stanford) for the robot cartoon.