We have a great list of presenters for the June workshop, and an equally fascinating audience. It will be a very diverse audience, ranging from those working full-time on electronic publishing issues to others anxious to make their first foray into the field. For this reason it is going to be tough to balance the depth of presentations. To help address this I’m going to use this blog to post some general background information in the coming weeks, including a glossary of common terms. I’ll also call upon the experts in the audience to help out wherever possible, making this a truly collaborative workshop.

Our speakers include:

  • Kate Davey (BiblioVault)
  • Karen Hill (Michigan)
  • Laura Cerruti (California)
  • Frank Smith (Cambridge)
  • Anh Bui (Highwire)
  • Monica McCormick (NYU)
  • Michael Jensen (NAP)

(Also make sure to check out Michael’s session on Hyperabundance during the main meeting. I suspect he’ll be using the Open Space approach — a first for the annual meeting. Can’t wait to see what this turns up.)