Welcome to the AAUP Digital Digest. This blog, run by the AAUP’s Electronic Committee, will strive to keep the AAUP community informed of developments in the world of electronic publishing. The Web is awash with news sites and blogs discussing, dissecting, and disputing recent advances, missteps, and gossip relating to the world of digital publication. Rather than add to the general cacophony, the aim here will be polite aggregation; we’ll post links to and summaries of interesting articles, updates on projects of interest, and only occasional commentary from the committee members.

The boundary between front- and back-office within e-publishing is sufficiently blurred that I envisage sporadic coverage of issues of a more technical nature. But we’ll attempt to keep the discussion as jargon-free as possible, and feel free to slam us if we get too nerdy.

We’re open to suggestions for topics to cover, and actively encourage everyone to comment on postings. Your reactions and ideas are an important part of this community discussion.